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Medical and paramedical

Statural Growth

The definitive height of people with trisomy 21 is a source of concern for their parents and a universal question. Short definitive height, achieved 2 years earlier than in the neurotypical population, is characteristic of patients with trisomy 21. Although this statural growth retardation is constitutional, it can be aggravated by many comorbidities. To preserve the full growth potential of these children, their height and cranial perimeter growth must be carefully monitored on specific curves. This is especially important since, apart from in the case of a rare associated somatotrophic deficit, growth hormone treatment does not provide any significant benefits for children with trisomy 21.

Find more information on the general progression, differences by country, and critical growth periods of patients with trisomy 21 in this video and accompanying technical sheet by Dr. Hervé Walti, a pediatrician at the Jérôme Lejeune Institute.

See below for the presentation accompanying this video on “statural growth”

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